Faceposing scene

Hey can somone help me out with faceposing.

I need to get a npc to press a button on a vending machine.

Plz i really need the help ta

how does that involve the face


i think he passed out while typing

and why can’t people link their fucking steam profile correctly.

Ask valve, they made the faceposer.

no listen.

I need a NPC to bend over and push a button on a vending machine and at the same time have some kind of facail expression

so give him a face and do it stop-motion style.

what the hell are you talking about. i asked him how his scene (pushing a button) involved the face.

shut up

It looks much better when done in faceposred.

Also OP look for some tutorials on youtube


You have never used the Source SDK faceposer have you?

Faceposer has a built in choreography editor.

so he’s asking for source sdk help in the garrysmod section

not the faceposer tool.

got it