Hey all
Does anyone know how to facepose for videos to make the ragdolls seem to “talk”?
Results like these would be nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQOW26XiLXc
If anyone could help me that would be really nice, thanks!

that’s the source sdk, not gmod

Oh. SourceSDK is used in the vids like “Idiots of Garry’s Mod” and “Gmod Idiot Box” too? Because that’s also what I was talking about.

There is a face poser tool.

Theres also a finger poser and an eye poser, though if you want to for instance create a speaking animation or a gesture and trigger it somehow, i dunno. Source sdk i guess

If you have some spare time, learn and use the Source SDK Faceposer. Otherwise you can just do stopmotion lipsyncing, which can be a very tedious process(though some just half-ass it).

bleh. I’ll just halfass with stopmotion lipsyncing because I don’t have sourcesdk and dont want to get it. grr but thanks