facepuch connectr vac banned rust

Hi, I purchased the game before yesterday and when I went to play today, I can not connect and I get the message “facepuch CONNECTR rust vac banned” … two days I’ve been playing without doing anything weird
a greeting


another false ban :wink:

Que lastima, pobrecito!


Are there any other kind? lol


been looking about, here’s his steam profile

vac is so bad, it bans randomly without any reason at all.
duh duh vac! dont mess around!

if you will not help you can shut up

fuentes, did you cheat or hack in Rust? Oh you did, ok that’s why you got banned. Glad I could help you.

do you want to make remote desktop on my computer? fucking idiots

like making yourself a fool crying about a vac ban ON FACEPUNCH forums?
its not like they can do anything…how about contacting steam which runs vac.
just a pro tip

I’ve done that. I write here, if there are more people that the same thing happens, and who see the game administrators

There’s an explanation detailed here:

yeah yeah totally, it must be a false ban, just like every other thread here either! right?
i might should make this clear, facepunch WONT DO ANYTHING

Dammit this is starting to be more fun then rust itself.

Thank you for participating with your cheats! Now you got what you deserved! Run while you can!

I’m going to repeat it because you do not understand, it’s very easy, I did not use any hack.
I have 51 games on Steam and I have never had any problems with either. I have two days playing this game and not even know how to play well …

You cheated. There are no false positives. Go buy it again.

definitely some people are idiots

If you feel it was a false positive, you have to contact Valve. Facepunch Studios is the company that makes Rust, but they have no influence on VAC bans. They cannot overturn them, they cannot unban you. If you thought you would have an easier time taking it up with Facepunch, you were mistaken as they cannot help you. If you are doing as the person you got the “hacks” from told you to do if you got caught, you are a fool.