Facepunch Amsterdam III Lag + Offline

As the title says, Facepunch Amsterdam III has been having some issues with lag since yesterday (saturday 31th).
People say its because the last update but I was playing just fine when the update hit the server until it started lagging very hard just 24 hours ago.

Problem is one of those “lag spikes” has appeared again resulting in a complete freeze on the server.
Funny thing is that the server doesnt disconnect the clients; clients can move freely around the server but they cant interact with objects due to server being technically “freezed”.
Also rain/fog/sun and night/day cycles are working so it is something related to the connection between clients and server in my opinion.

Anyone from Facepunch could restart the server? Maybe that would fix the freezing problem.
Also take a look on what is causing those lag spikes as it reminds me of the start of the wipe cycle when the server needed to get restarted every 15-30 mins because of the memory leak.

Thank you for your attention. :slight_smile: