Facepunch Amsterdam - nomore officials


Just giving my thoughts about official servers. Total BS and by BS I don’t mean BEST SERVERS… :nope:

For fuck sake how is it possible that hackers roam and terrorize OFFICIAL servers so badly. 2 days ago a player who remains unknown happened to take over 2 cupboards and build a raid tower right to the same level as our loot room. 12x rockets and a hole in loot room. Note that this was ~15 storey high HUGE building and he just happened to know where loot was… Weird right? Anyways I managed to stop this by shooting the f out of his raidtower and repaired quickly the walls. We managed to survive from this assault and after this we repaired the whole compound and made it even stronger.

Same day there was this “Vendetta” called player who managed to take out a 5 man army 2 times with less than 10 bullets. 4 of them were on ground and 1 was at sniper tower hidden. 4 of 5 shots were head shots. Well he could have been this “American sniper” but I highly doubt that. Maybe, maybe not? :nope:

1 day after the first raid attempt after I logged in everyone was dead at my base (killed by the same guy - 98998). 1 hole at the rooftop nothing more. I scouted all cups they were intact. No holes at walls no nothing that would indicate a flaw in our base or a way where the person got through. All of our stuff were gone **even from hidden stashes ** :nope: From the last wipe (last Friday) to this day me and my team have spent hours and HOURS to build this massive compound and get our base as hard to raid as possible. Then some little fucktwat comes flying in and taking our stuff. No thanks…

If I could I would get a refund for this game. Not for game being shitty but for the official servers being shitty as there are no admins nor mods anywhere.

:nope: :nope: and once more :nope:

So you like to play on vanilla or unmodded servers. why don’t you try Community servers? It’s the same Rust.

I would never think about getting a refund even if I am able to get a refund this late ( years after purchasing it ) because I read the steam store page before I proceed buying, like normal people do. You should too.

That ^, including all the hacking stuff that is going on right now and lack of staff moderating the official servers.

Official servers are for testing…only

Forgot to mention that we started at a community server just yesterday. Hope it turns out to be better :goodjob:

Edit: And yes, I know that the game is on Alpha state but FFS :nope:

i find it weird that the servers owned by the company are 10x worse then community servers, but true, communities are better.

Can you use any more emoticons?

Again, Official servers are for testing. It makes complete sense