Facepunch and the Rust Community

In my opinion, Facepunch and the Rust Community need to take a page from Kerbal Space Program(KSP). Let’s start with the developers. KSP has a weekly “Devnotes Tuesdays” where each person of the dev team explains what they have been doing for the last week. I think that is something the Rust community has been asking from Facepunch for weeks. We don’t need weekly software updates, although that would be nice, just keep us informed. And now for the community. There is too much bitching and moaning on this forum I find it embarrassing. Grow up and learn to have an adult conversation. Of course this is not true for all post, but it just seems to be the overwhelming the theme. One more thing. With this game in alpha, I would expect to see more discussion under the Rust Bug Reports, but that forum barely has any eyes compared to what I would expect. We bought this game to test, we should be testing it and reporting it, not playing it and then bitch about something that doesn’t work.

ok i’m done


The devs actually have no idea what they’re doing because Garry fired all the English speaking developers and outsourced all the work to china. So now he just sits in his empty office drunkenly spinning in his office chair and blasting 80s music. here’s a picture:


This thread is exactly what I’m talking about.

If that thread is exactly what you’re talking about then why did you make a new one?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was referring to all of the complaining in that post. Maybe that post was not a good example. You and I both know there is a lot of complaining when it comes to updates and the sort.

Maybe everybody just thinks they are still playing the game when they come on the forum. Anything goes. :smile:

That’s every game forum ever. Kids want what they want and they want it now.