Facepunch Battleground : Europe at War - HQ [Interactive Strategy]

Welcome in the HQ soldier, we are trying to gather fresh news from the fronts, you'll find all you need to get started here. Just sit down and read a book while we're finding you a squad.

U.S and English front
-No radio contact from the area
-No radio contact from the area
-No radio contact from the area
-No radio contact from the area


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We, Headshotter and Hunterdnrc, are working on this project in collaboration. It is using a “Front system”, basicly Hunter will be responsible of a front, I’ll be responsible of another. Each front has/will have a thread, different characters and armies.
Further explainations will directly be given in the comic when the time will come!

But enough talking, let’s get started… read this short episode and

choose what our 2 buddies should do.

Daaaamn’ right.

The story is so god damn retarded it just ruins the comic for me.

Get behind cover and ambush the enemies.

if i’m not mistaken the enemy will come from the red area so let lenan take cover behind the fridge and gruber behind what looks like a book shelve

Well let’s not care about realism. :stuck_out_tongue: They should camp 'till that squad comes in, then just blast the poop out of them.

Have lenin wander out in the open to give off the effect that he’s alone and unarmed while Gruber hides with the G36, have Lenin pretend to surreneder and when the Americans take him captive have Gruber fire upon the American squad

have vlad show up and kill them both

Gruber hide behind the shelf and Lenan gets behind the fridge, covering the other door.


very good