Facepunch.com display errors

First off, sorry if this is the wrong forum, I just didn’t see a forum dedicated to bugs about facepunch.com so I’m writing this in the garrysmod help section.
This is how facepunch currently looks to me: link.
What’s caused this, what can I do to solve the problem? I know only that for some minutes I was unable to reach facepunch at all, some cloud error came up or so.
nevermind it’s resolved now

Which browser do you use? I suggest you to start using Google Chrome or Firefox rather than any other web browser. Chrome is alot faster than Firefox and is really good.

Press ctrl-f5.

Man Without Hat, he might need to clear his cache. I dont think refreshing the page would help him if he browse around the website and still have those display errors.

ctrl-f5 is the shortcut for clearing the cache.

It is? Didn’t knew that. Oh, right, Only F5 refreshes the page. Sorry, misunderstood.