Facepunch Community Servers?

Hi All,

this question goes primarily towards facepunch. I was wondering if all the so called facepunch servers in the South East Asia (mostly hosted in Singapore) region are in fact operated and administrated by facepunch? Facepunch of course has a “trust benefit” and if those servers are not from facepunch I would like to see them change their name. Many servers work hard to get players but from one day to another a “facepunch server” pops up and is full the next day.

If they are from facepunch, why are they in the community section?


Servers that are controlled by the Rust dev team are in the Official server tab (with a few specific non-devteam servers like Rustopia). That’s what that tab is there for.

The Community tab is for unmodified servers run by anyone who isn’t a dev.

The Modded tab is for community servers that have installed server mods like Oxide.

You tell me if a “Facepunch” server in the Community tab is an official server. It’s possible to fake your server’s tags and appear in the Official or Community server tab when you’re supposed to belong on the Modded tab (because you run mods), but doing that gets your server IP blacklisted. The only servers that should be in the Official tab are ones run by the devs and the specific community-run servers the devs have hand-picked, like Rustopia and the Battle Royale mod server.

Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway to complain about those servers then? Who would I need to contact in that regard?

could probably just post their ip here, not really a fixed resource for this one AFAIK.