Facepunch competion of Epic Win; Love - Enough with the senseless violence!

Theme: Love!

This includes everything about love! A box of chocolates? Roses? One last kiss? You decide!

[li]Must be outside of flatgrass or construct (With the exception of scenebuilds)[/li][li]No old entries.[/li][li]Everything is allowed! (No sex or gore)[/li][li]Deadline is next Sunday, 1700 hours (GMT+ 1)[/li][/ul]

Get cracking!

Nice! This is a good idea, but I think this should have been saved for perhaps another month because of the christmas contest


I’ll get right on it.


I can take a shot at this.


oh don’t you think about doing what you think about…
don’t even think about not thinking about doing it…


wtf my avatar??

I have a love of guys shooting off-screen. Does that count?

I don’t think so :saddowns:

Maybe if you do some fancy photoshopping where there is a transparent woman over his gun, like he is fighting for her or something.

Not… generic… picture?
Does not compute :psyboom:


I like it.


The secong hunter actually looks female?

I’ll try, bare with me.

I think it is.

It definitly is, I saw the model WIP on the FP Model/skins pimping thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, gonna try giving this competion a try :smiley:


So what do you think?

Yes, the second one is female, thanks for the wrongly used gaybows though. I like it Ryzo, but the fingers on the female kill it for me.

Oh, yea they do kind of look weird.

Why not love AND violence? This guy’s failed love drove him to commit a double murder and suicide. (There isn’t any gore, just old fashioned blood. If this is disqualified, then you would have to take away the bloody zombies kissing too.) His motive, no matter how mixed with anger, ect. is an act of love techincally.