Facepunch Connector Vac Banned

What Facepunch Connector Vac Banned I did not hack

Sure ya didn’t hack? Don’t make jonny embarrass you…

Checked. He’s clean. Let’s see that profile, Ty.

Had a small search, I’d hazard a guess that this is his Steam Profile. He has 2 alt accounts 1 2

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and this is a facebook page he made

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jonny you’re supposed to be doing the work here bby

I’m researching his aliases on cheat sites, silly :v: And MPGH is running slow as shit today, dunno why.

Slow day for jonny i guess.

Have you tried the aliases SqueezyCaptain and ChessyHero?

Yeah, I got a history paper I gotta finish by 5 PM (online turn-in) that I should be doing, I am trying to limit my break time here :v:

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Not yet, I’m getting there :v: you can be a detective too, go ahead and search with me~

Thanks babe, we should get coffee one day

Sounds good to me, we can review case files. It will be like one of those buddy cop movies n shit :o

SqueezyCaptain and ChessyHero my fri play dota 2

Do you have any idea what might have caused this? If you didn’t cheat, certainly you must have some idea of what set it off.

I highly doubt that, both have been offline for 400+ days, and last played DOTA2 on the exact same day. It seems mighty suspicious to me.

What I did not cover I do not enjoy playing dota2 Now go play League of Legends.
I could read the text of your post but I do not like your language. It was written and

You have 26 hours of playtime though

Help me unlock banned me

Contact Valve about your ban, if they don’t unban you then you were lieing

how about fuck you

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Swebonny))

Bans are permanent, enjoy.

Oh okay. Can you check if youre unbanned now?