facepunch connector vac banned

Hi guys. Sorry for my bad English I am a foreigner. So… my name is Andrew and I am 24 years.Not so long ago I bought Rust in Steam.I loved this game and its theme of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.Total played 59 hours with my brother on 1 account.When I’m at work, my 13 year old brother plays with my account.Today after work, I wanted to play in rust, but could not connect to the servers (facepunch connector vac banned).I know that this error and I know that it is for cheats.But I always fair play and I I despise cheaters. My brother said that he used Jacked(cheats program) but he did not use Aim, Speedhuck, flyhuck and etc.He said that he was tired of constantly dying from cheaters Who always knew where he was.He loaded Jacked to shunning of cheaters and no more than.I know it’s bad but I personally did not use cheats and I want to play Rust.Please understand me, I paid money for the game and I was banned for what I not did.Pray!Unlock my account and I promise that more will not happen again.I’m sorry that it happened.

Your account is your responsibility, if your account was used to cheat, even if you weren’t the one cheating, then your account is never going to get unbanned I’m afraid.

I agree but that’s my brother, my family. Now when he had made a mistake, I forbid him to use my account in Steam.:smile: