Facepunch Did This!

So the gloriously awesome people of Facepunch acknowledged my recent Garry’s Mod pose from two weeks ago, which you might have caught in the Screenshots, Movies, Saves and Dupes section and decided to print out several hard copies, hang a canvas in their offices, and send me two of the posters!


And the posters (with surprisingly shitty quality):

This was super incredible for me. Someone actually recognized my work, and took it a step further. The only thing that artists ever want is exactly this type of recognition. I wish for this type of recognition for every poser out there, and there are so many I can’t name them all. I have learned from many of them and still do, and they deserve no less recognition (which I’m sure they’re getting as well, by the way, don’t get me wrong! :P). I was just lucky enough to catch their attention. I couldn’t be more happy about it :smiley: Thanks Facepunch!

Just wanted to get that off my chest :slight_smile:

Wow, nice!

You totally deserved it friend, that picture is fucking amazing.

Aw man, I saw Garry tweet that picture and it is AMAZING. Congrats!

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One thing, is this hand-drawn or done on gmod?

Holy shit, that pose is beyond sexy, great work and gratz on the recognition!

Judging by it’s category and the unedited picture in the source they linked, the latter.