Facepunch Forum: Can't use search?

Hey folks, revisiting for the first time in months.

I can’t use the search function and the only suggested reasons are that I don’t have privileges. Seems unlikely, unless search became a feature to pay for while I was gone. Can someone point out where I can go to navigate the site? (Currently, I’m looking for the CS:GO models in workshop for Gmod) Would like to be able to search even more than have those models.

Thanks for your time!

You have to be gold to search now.

You can either pay for gold or use Google by typing

then your search terms.

For future reference, this forum is for Garry’s Mod support only. For questions about the forums, use this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1207954

Excellent. Thanks for the help! I even went through that ‘read first’ and overlooked the bit about the search buried in the middle.

I may well just get gold too, thanks again!