FacePunch Frankfurt 1 Hackers

On Frankfurt 1, its the heaven of hackers. I hope Developers will think to put few admins to stay online on servers to can improve game play, cus like this no one can play. Our Story begins:
we have house near Doom on this beautifull server named Facepunch Frankfurt 1, and we found like 10 hackers in a period of 2-3 days, we as 5-6 players keep raporting them every time but nothing happens , my team started to say with or without raport nothing will happen, as last hope we made a movie, to one hacker

, i hope with this post, to can woke up admins and to can make a little bit clean on servers to can continue play.

with reguards Claudiu

normal on every Rust server, not just Frankfurt. The present anti-cheat software is useless.

totally agreed, but if they know anti-cheat doesn’t work well, put admins to can make the job, in this way game will die.

how come u speak russianon the server? but ur account says german, u ar russian living in Germany?

im Living in Germany, but my nationatility isnt russian. i dont think people nationality matters , its a big difference between slavic and latin language. why u ask me all this questions? im married, and im not searching a wife :))
By the way we wasnt speaking on Game, we use a voice communication program

take care windows 7, in 2020 maybe wont offer support anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you sure he is hacking, all this video shows is that you died 4 times to gunfire…?

first death was a bodyshot with pistol at low health. second was a clean bolty shot while you stood still at a window. third was bolt rounds while running across a field of gunfire from multiple players. the only one that is suspicious is the last 1 shot pistol kill which seemed a bit twitchy to my eyes.

+1 mrknifey

to be honest, your video doesn’t prove anything…

@mrknifey ok so first it seems you do not distinguish a Headshot sound for a body shot at all… Check the first kill again. Second For you it’s not a bit suspicious that he did not even show his face while shooting at me besides the fact that the first headshot was a prefire what so ever.
Last kill he was looking in another direction where my friend was and Both of us got HS’s from 2 bullets of revolver and I was even on Ctrl walk.
If you did not even use the sound while watching then try count the headshots and the bullets that he missed.
What you don;t see here is the Ak spray he did at the start killing 6 players in multiple directions with 1 spray. All the bodies you see in the tower and near him were Headshots.
And overall this you don’t ever see his face while he shoots.
Not obvious at all right?

most of youre deaths were looking legitly any player with a bolt and scope could do those kills,
Youre last death was the only one that was bit weird but like i said before he could have seen someone else and saw you,

Just Report him and wait till EAC checks him if he gets banned you win.

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Third wave of name change… from last night untill now.


other “legal players” on our house, grefing our tower…this is legaly too ? was recorded 08.03.2016 somewhere at 15:00-15:30.

theyr steam links :

we have 2 quarry, walled and nice, how i can let them working? if other players are jumping over walls and take everything what it harvest…

i hope admin will resolve this , cus our work till now was useless, we have lost our nights for nothing , a hacker come and destroy everything in 5 min

Now another one of them came in my tower flying in to get revenge for the video I told him about… Now i have to undo what the hacker blocked in my tower… The chat is full of people complaining about this hackers…

sorry, i didn’t bother listening to the sound since most “cheater vids” are full of noisy chatter.

i agree it was a headshot on the first kill, but i stand by the rest of what i said; this video (unfortunately?) doesn’t really prove anything. as suggested above, report him. if he is cheating he will be banned.