Facepunch Frankfurt II

Hey guys

I just want to let you know that the gameplay is trash on Facepunch Frankfurt 2 due to cheaters. There’s been a LOT of cheater activity as the server doesnt seem to have active admins. Thats pretty much bad. I constantly hear players crying about wallhackers flying guys speedhackers, and guess what its true, for one entire night(irl), a guy named Chuck was taking away all the airdrops. AAAAAAAAAND since the option to report a cheater in game is not working, feeling totally helpless makes the game experience bad. Please DO something about it if you can ! Thanks in advance ! Cheeers

Hey dude, Beefeater here. We found Chuuk and wrecked his shit, so I hope that got him outta the race for a few days. See you in the game.

same on frankfurt 1. like new cheat out or what mass cheaters online atm…everywhere flying aim speedhack and we cant report them as we cant find them on server or those names what i can type for search or they change name or they dont finish u…we need admins…

Same on Facepunch Frankfurt Hapies, build inside of rock, fondation or mountain. 1 guy able to kill 8 that shoot at him… and he dose not care at all http://postimg.org/image/y76zmpmyv/