Facepunch Hallway Collaboration 2012

Closing date is: Friday 7th Spetember

A couple of years ago we had a collaborative hallway thread, where people made a hallway within a template and they were all put together in hammer into one continuous map,
a couple of days ago I was reminded of this and thought it was about time we had another try, so here it is: The Facepunch Hallway Collaboration 2012.

Before we start there’s some ground rules:

-the template is 512x512x1024
-don’t make anything outside those boundaries, if something goes slightly outside at the top I might be able to keep it in as long as it’s not too far, in the interests of optimisation etc

  • L4D, CSS and HL2/episodes content is allowed
    -try and keep custom content small
    -post your progress in this thread
    -using sky_day02_01_hdr along with it’s lighting properties form valve’s skylist, try and keep your lighting in line with this
    -NPCs are fine for decoration but no big animated events please
    -2 corridors per person if you feel so inclined

And now, screenshots and videos of what I’ve done so far, the intro and the opening hallway:



And yes I know about some of the background texturework being iffy, it’s on the to-fix list. Also if anyone would be interested in helping with custom textures for everyone’s names and osme easter eggs at the end it would be nice!

Here’s the template, feel free to edit the bounding walls etc, so long as you don’t make them any bigger:


Oh this is neat.


I’ve always wanted to be in a collab, so count me in!

This sounds a lot more do-able than the rest of the big city collabs, count me in. Do we just send the VMF/BSP to you via PM, or post it here, or add you on steam, or what?

Also, do our maps have to be completely one-way and linear, or can they have side-areas that you can enter?

Ill join, but I wont be on the pc until monday.

PM me links to your finished sections, side areas are fine as long as they don’t go outside the boundaries of the template, if you like you can just post the finished vmf here but that might defeat the point a little.

Sure why not.

Count me in

Also interactivity is encouraged, don’t want it to be too bland in places

What’s the deal with individual 3D skyboxes? Are you okay with having to manually line my shit up when constructing the final piece? I’d like to join in with this; the fact that I’ve only just registered doesn’t matter, does it?

Having hosted a few of the original collabs, I might just throw something together!

Not too sure about the 3D skyboxes, haven’t dealt with them much sinc emost maps I’ve done have been indoors but I’ll see what happens. Join date is of no importance to me as long as the work is good enough

Go for it! Want me to put you down as participating?


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So do we have to keep the end caps? How are they going to link up to each other? The template is confusing. What can and can’t I remove? Should I just build within it?

Count me in. I’m thinking about doing a ravenholm kind of theme for my hallway.

They’ll link up end to end with the tunnels, with the walkway from the tunnel in between since I’ve made it smaller. The walls can be clipped etc as long as the boundaries remain the same, generally try to keep in the boundaries set by the dev textured walls. If models etc stick above the 512 walls it’s not too pressing, the skyboxes should be flexible enough. The end caps are needed for the doorways.

Can we submit multiple?

As long as the quality is consistant I don’t see why not, think it might be best to limit it to 2 per person though, what do you think of that?

sounds like fun. Count me in.

Would it be okay to alter the position of the entry and exit tunnels? Like so:

Definitely count me in. Love these collabs. I’ll potentially do 2 if your still sticking with the 2 map limit.