Facepunch Hallway Collaboration 2012

Sure, the hallways should be fairly moveable when linking them so it seems fine to me.


I’ll add you to the list now masterwolf

Do our maps require a light_environment or no?

should be fine without, I have the skybox settings in the OP if you want though, the settings can be found on the Valve skylist

Well if your map has sky and you wish to test to see how it looks then yes… it won’t matter if you leave it in so long as it uses the settings in the OP since the compiler ignores all light_env after the first one it finds anyway.

Alright, here’s what I have so far:


The light flickers and the air conditioner has a looping noise. It may not look like much, but that’s because I had two previous ideas that I couldn’t implement very well. I think the theme is supposed to be an alley with little sub-alleys and interiors.

count me in mudafucka

Can we do more than one corridor?


Mine appears to be cave themed (again)

I made an abandoned factory train depo thing… then I realized it was huge and there was no good way to make it look good without a giant 3D skybox. So I guess I’m starting over.

I’m fairly certain you can’t have more than one 3D skybox anyway so if anyone else needed one they’d be buggered

Added a new area. That little not-quite-a-building at the bottom will become a bar.


You can kind of. The compiler only pays attention to the first sky_camera it finds, but so long as your 3d skyboxes are all correctly referenced from 0,0,0 to the sky_camera entity I think it would work fine (although you may need to area portal between, or just putone big skybox around the whole lot…)

It would be down to you to sort out though (and a royal pain in the arse no doubt)

Could we not leave all 3D skybox material (if any) untouched from their intended positions (don’t scale them down), so that chills can scale them all together to prevent confusion? If we each assigned all of our 3D skybox shit into groups, all he would have to do is create a sky_camera entity at 0,0,0, then ctrl+click the material (would naturally be outside the boxed areas, in the void) and voila - mass resize (including texture scale ofc) needing only a big ass 2D skybox to go around it all.

Could work I suppose, worth a try at least!

Needed something to do 'till CSGO release so I’m in.

I’m going future/cyberpunk for one.

Here’s the uncompleted bar area:


And here’s a (terrible) shot of the bathroom:


There is a fluorescent light with flicker and an audible buzz.

Other changes:

  • The light at the starting area no longer flickers, but now hums.
  • A gutter was placed near the sleeping bag.

Well, for once, I actually want to do this. Count me in.

Shiny shiny HDR bloom…

also, What about models that go above the top of the map, like these trees?


I could extend the skybox around it, shouldn’t be too much trouble