"Facepunch Hero"


For a moment, I saw that facepunch guy coming out of krogans forehead.

How’s he a hero for killing Wrex?

Cuz he has the ability to kill Wrex.


He is not shooting him, he is giving him pills, with a gun shaped injector thingy

But didn’t you hear?

Alright, enough nonsense. I dig the coloring and posing. You gets art.

Cool saliva editing there.

What? Killing Wrex?


I desperately want that model… :C

Thats not Crogan. Thats a TROLL!

They have been released ages ago. Have you checked the release section lately?

No. I mean the Facepunch soldier model.

I like the sharpness and contrast and motion-blur.

The shading is really lazy and though and the picture would have been infinitely cooler if it was just a merc doing the fighting and not a weird Facepunch avatar thing.

It has also been released. I made those FP Mercs, by the way.