Facepunch Ireland still down...


that + also would like to have rollback, my base seemed to be missing excluding the floating signs and ladders. Someone mentioned about mad choppers

Yes, Do you have something against the irish or something and thought taking down their server wouldn’t get noticed? We Shall start a riot.

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We shall not, we shall not be moved.

No its a bug that when server got reset it did not save buildings, this save issue should be fixed for next time they reset.

aww man, we did so much work for the base. breaking my balls to hear that

is this facepunch studios? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh3tuL_DVsE

hahahah funny shit :stuck_out_tongue:

How down it is? Is it already in outer core? When it get’s to inner core, then we have a problem :hairpull:

its the same with many other offi servers.

Still down 6 hours later wow

How can there be no official information regarding this ridicolous down times??? Its horrible…

still down 9 hours later. all the other servers are up and fine but this one has been forgotten

Right, Im holding a water pistol to my cats head, if the servers dont work within 30 minutes im gunna squirt the lil fucker!


OMFG , 23 hours later and i still dont see any official info on when the server will be online again .
I played in legacy rust on the uk4 server and when there was trouble like this and the servers were down it was always uk4 that was down the longest and had the most trouble .
Now that I came back to the game and picked a server it has the same fate . Of all the rotten luck !

Went to bed for a nice sleep after i shot my cats with the water pistol. Now im awake, the servers still down. Do you not care for animals?
(No animals we’re harmed, just my feelings. Feelsbadman)

For the love of all that is holy will someone answer when the server will be up again and why was it taken down in the first place

Devs, why don’t ye give some love to proud people of Ireland. we are waitin.

For each 1 minute the server is offline i will eat a chocolate button. Only you can prevent obesity facepunch!

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im so full, i cant eat anymore, please guys.

pls devs , i will sell you my soul , just bring the server back

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