Facepunch Ireland

Any news on why the server is down and if/when it’ll be back?

Got timed out when it crashed in the middle of no where and wondering if it’s worth sticking around to log in and save my stuff or risk it until morning :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah me and a friend are in the middle of no where with atleast 30k stone and metal ore between us

I was wondering the same thing, its been offline for like almost 2 hours.

1 hour

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I hope not. We still got 10 days left.

I would expect some kind of announcement if they had wiped it early, I expect something just went wrong and it crashed and they’re trying to bring it back online but some information would be nice for those of us stuck out in the wild

As of now it is still down

Im kind of glad on one side because it means I did not get robbed in my sleep :joy:
and sad on other because I can’t play :cry:

Looks bad i´d say (still down)

Any news? Why does it always seem to this one server that suffers. It’d be nice if we got a message explaining what’s happened

Looks like other official servers crashed as well (london 1 even wiped). I blame pumpkins for spreading too quick, given the fact that unity engine got limit 16k objects (if i am correct)

Yeah, the pumpkins have become a big problem. It probably never occurred to most people that constantly planting the seeds (with no intention of using them for a farm) would be detrimental. I hope that they don’t wipe the Ireland server

any update when the server comes back online ?

Well its offline again :confused:

Considering some of the lag it’s had last day or two it’s not a surprise, would be nice if we could have some information on what’s going on though. At least I was logged off inside my house this time! :smiley:

Server Down please come back

Anyone have any idea when the server will come up again, and how long it’s usually down for?

Was down for a couple of days yesterday, hopefully it won’t be on too long today :slight_smile: