Facepunch Ireland

Hi @ll,

I don’t even need to say it. 30 min. up and then 15 min. down over and over again since thursday is much more worse than ever in the history of Rust. So just fix it pls.


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Ok, great! Now it’s 15 min. on - 15 min. off… well done!

Ok one more day and this server will be empty.

@Facepunch: Is this what u want?

no, cant u just fix it please… really dont wipe it, to much work gone … srsly

I’d rather wipe it and it be stable, even if I lost my base than not be able to play on it at all, granted it’d only give us 11 days before the next wipe. Either way, some info on what’s up would be nice

You don’t need to wipe it but a server admin who takes 10 min. of his time to fix this.

It may take a little while longer than this for them to get away from the other 1000 things they need to do and figure out what’s wrong and fix the server but it would be nice if in the mean time they could give players a heads up on what’s going on.

I get dev servers constantly going offline for hours or days at a time but Ireland isn’t a dev server :confused:

Ok, the server is now offline for 12 hours. Please Facepunch: Don’t devolpe this game any further if you aren’t even able to let people play it. Just let it go. There won’t be anyone left when you’re done. So don’t waste your and our time.

you just gave the perfect solution!

you stop playing, and they don’t have to fix your problems; that way they can continue making the game that you are too impatient to wait for. THE REST OF US WIN!!

If you can’t deal with 12 hours of downtime, you shouldn’t buy anything in Early Access ever again.

Same at amsterdam servers we are playing at amsterdam III and continuous going down going up going down going up :tableflip:

You don’t get what I mean. There should be trunk test servers where players are aware that things like these can happen. After a week of testing they could take the branch and deploy it onto the other servers. It doesn’t work if you let players on non-testing servers going up and down each 15 min. for days without giving any info at all.

I actutally agree

the point is that an early access game is bound to have issues until it nears the final stages of completion. if you can’t handle that patiently you should reconsider buying early access games.

Where are the reports of this happening to people on the development branch? Show me where the devs saw these problems happening in the dev branch and went, “Yeah, okay, push it to main”.

Because has it occurred to you that not every bug manifests itself every time? You can’t fix what you can’t notice and identify.

This is also an alpha and you have unreasonable expectations for stability and playability. It’s silly.

It is getting kind of silly how often the server is going down. It’s been down at least 5 times today that I’ve seen and that’s only been this afternoon/evening.

I get that there are bugs that are bound to crop up and cause issues, because early access and alpha but I don’t seen many other servers outside of the dev servers going down quite as often as Ireland is at the moment so some info on what is effecting this particular server and causing all the downtime would be nice.

Someone on Ireland said it would be wiped in 2 days. Didn’t really believe him. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

unless a dev announced it, don’t believe it. There’s no mention of them wiping in 2 days, plus the actual wipe is only 9 days away so would be kind of pointless unless the server totally fell over and they had no choice.

Okay, thanks for info.

Getting the same on a community/modded server I am an admin on but for some reason twice now after a crash the server has rolled back to a Wiped state…

Given that it seems to be a global issue I am really suprised I can’t show you.