Facepunch KOS list.

Title says it all. Post people here who deserve to be killed on site and provide a reason.
debora : killed me multiple times and killed the 2 friendlies I met.

People who think I’m hacking : Have no proof :v:

Will you edit your post as people add their ´´contributions´´ to your list?
And ofcourse, people need to be able to defend themselves.

Brb, going to play as bambi in rust. I am sure that i will come with some ´´contributions´´ soon.

Got no proof that Aw3s0m3n3ss was speedhacking, but he did KoS me…

Sure thing bro :wink:

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goofankle I know you’re mad but we can talk out out differences :wink:

A lot of people think you are hacking, tons and tons of hate towards you this morning.

He IS hacking, he has just turned it off for the moment being. I’ve seen him speedhack and hatchet spam.


I can see this being useful in the future but right now I feel like it’s hard to avoid aggresive players before it’s too late… The names aren’t visible till you’re right in front of them.

It’s amazing how you all believe yourselves to type that out with nothing to back it up.

anyone even suspected of speedhacking should be a KOS for breaking down doors either way

everyone who is running into my direction

everyone who is ruining my erection

Why would you kill them at sight xD

Player name Bearfang

Reason killing me for no reason

Add me, I am usually friendly but if you get near my base I will attack on sight. Plus I like the challenge.


Atleast there wont be hackers after the next update, shame Aw3s0m3n3ss.

latingeek: massive dumb baby idiot, lagchet on sight

Their will always be hackers.

Sadly, until some kind of anticheat is made (and even after that), this is pretty much true. Not sure why people want to hack a closed beta though - they don’t even deserve a key… They obviously aren’t reporting any bugs or contributing.