Facepunch London 2 issues

There’s been a lot of issues with this one, don’t know if it’s happening to some other servers aswell, but right now the server looks like it’s “up” But it’s stuck at 137/250 players, nice ping and so on. But still me and my friends cannot join it.
Been like this for almost a day now. Any info on when it will get back to normal?

Admin, please, fix the server.

London crashes every day, and noone cares about it, well, great …

My ticket was created Wed, 12th Aug 2015 8:39pm
Still no response about it

god darn it guys i just want to play frikin rust xD!


god can someone fix it holy crap im running out of doritos!!!1

Would love to see any info from the admins. Been over 24 hours now

Actually its 21h and 20 minutes since server stopped working

And even after Holmzy’s reply… nothing changed

:hammered:still not working

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PLZ! i need to plaaaaay noooow!

wtf is wrong in this server, 2 days or 3 in a row with problems

now it’s offline.

When is it coming up it’s completely down…

Any info on this?

I spoke to one of the admins yesterday

They got problems not only with London II server. They are trying to fix this and they have no idea when will they be able to do it. All we can do is wait…

Looks like it’s only the London servers. All the other ones are online for the moment…

I had day off today. Well… i got lots of stuff on Amsterdam II now. Too bad i still prefer to play on London II :stuck_out_tongue:

Server still down :disappoint:

Play on a highly rated community server.

Problem solved.

This incomprehensible, rabid loyalty people have to official servers baffles me. It’s kind of like having an abusive partner that openly cheats on you repeatedly while laughing in your face about it, but staying the course because you think the person will change.

Stockholm Syndrome much?