Facepunch London I - developer Strictlyjungle dropped huge amounts of rocket launcher ammo

A couple of days ago (think it was friday) Mp9 and Strictlyjungle were online on the server at the same time fuzzing around. Mp9 banned Strictlyjungle as a joke or something. But to the topic: me and my two friends were attacked by this dev (strictlyjungle) and i happened to kill him 1v1 in a spear duel. In his corpse we found the items as follows: a stack of rockets containing 998x rockets (he had shot twice during our battle), a stack of medkits 99x, a stack of pistol bullets 600x, 100x grenades in one stack. We stored this and logged off to sleep. Next day our neighbors had robbed us. So currently they are heaving this items.

Just now i had build 2x3x1 stone building kind of in the same area (in the desert) and the same gang raided me. They shot 5 rockets or so. My point is that this is somewhat proof that they have the items still. Who would waste rockets in this kind of situation. They have stated in the serverchat that they didin’t find the rockets whilst raiding us. The chests containing the dev-items had codelocks on them afterall.

I know I’m a bad person, if I still had the items i wouldn’t have made this posts. But I’m just putting it out there, hopefully this will be investigated.

My ingame nick is Edward Snugglecakes. I’m playing on London I facepunch.

Persons which are accused of having the items: EESTI, Kala and some other people in his group.

Cool story, bro.

it’s funny that the people who have them don’t complain, but everyone who doesn’t does complain. you know what the solution would have been? decay the rockets in your safe room instead of stashing them for later use. instead you kept them to gain an advantage despite knowing it was unfairly obtained, and now you have been raided for them. shit happens when everyone is out for themselves.

as i said to the other guy complaining about this, it’s the admin’s server, they can run it how they want. but what kind of idiot goes into a spear fight carrying 1k rockets and 100 grens XD

this prove good admins are rare to find as even the officials server have cheating admins.

I have completed my investigation. Based on the results of my in-depth inquiry, I have come to the conclusion that you are a whiny player who got handed a ton of rockets on a silver platter and STILL managed to get owned, and who now is screaming “unfair!” about the matter.

Dear MR. Edward Snugglecakes. Whats there to investigate? You killed a admin and got the jackpot. We pickaxed your base for 2h and then we got the jackpot. You lost it fair. We did not hack or exploit. Feel free to raid as for good profit.
Quit crying and hide your items better.

PS: we just got 400 as the chest was codelocked. We haven’t even used most of them. We just toke down your sorry ass bases because you keep on crying in chat.