Facepunch London I - Wipe?

I don’t see the point of keeping the server without any wipe during a whole month if the 3rd week you can’t build anything.
This is happening. People were expecting the wipe because since wednesday morning we weren’t able to build, then the update came in, and surprisinly no wipe was done, but we could build (i think because the update caused some buildings parts fall down without any sense) but after a few hours, building blocked again… So this means that probably we are not going to be able to build anything in another week?
I know decay it is going to destroy some buildings soon, but until that time, there is no point in continue playing in this server. No c4, no raids on high buildings, no players, no nothing…

This game is still in development i know, but that is the reason why i think wipes should be more often. 40 people playing on a server of 200 is sh*t.

Make wipes more often please!

not need wipe because decay.

But decay is working really slow.
Since the second week there is a wood foundation in front of my house with no live in there and it is still there. So 2 weeks and it still build.
There isn’t any possibility to increase the decay effect it no one walk over some foundations??

wipe is needed, entity limit has been maxed for better part of a week, most people have stopped playing whilst were waiting for it to be wiped to be able to build again.

wipe plz decay is not quick enough to have not wiping the server being a viable option.


I guess they get more data as longer the server is up without wipe. I heard they are planning to only force a wipe every 6 months.

No the force wipe is the first Thursday of every month, not every 6 months not sure where you heard that from.

I was on there last night after the update, it’s a bit of a mess.
I had set up a small base there after the last wipe, and hadn’t been back. After all the complaining about decay maintenance I’ve seen here, I figured it had disappeared into the sea long ago, as it had wood foundations underwater. It was still standing.

Not sure either, but he said ‘planning’ to do it every 6 months. Not that it is every 6 months. If it’s true, I’d imagine that it won’t happen until much later in development, as there’s still regular map updates that require wipes and because of the building limit, while decay is being figured out.

Well, luckily for us, they made a wipe.
Now, that feeling were every bold man on earth is trying yo kill you and you don’t have a home yet.
Btw, as i said, 40 people were playing, now there are over 150, THIS IS RUST!

Thank you Facepunch!!

long term they intend on servers being able to run for a good 6 months without needing a wipe. but no, right now that isn’t gonna happen with the regular monthly update, and the other updates that may/may not require a wipe in between.

it’s stress testing really. they get to see what is slowing the server the longer we allow it to be slow and buggy. if it’s restarted every week, they never get the data of how it copes later on in the cycle.