Facepunch... Lua anti cheat please...

Dear facepunch I Think Garry’s mod should Come with a Anti Cheat but On lua scripts. Since there is many of them that Bypass server’s lua anti cheat or the cl_allowscripts 0 Some can also get in RCON or Even Use Aimbots,Lag spikes,Wall hacks The only problem VAC is useless when it comes to lua scripts. i want to report a hack http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=879436&highlight=gmod+hack It is Really devastating.
Hope you solve it out and block this one.

Don’t bother.
Not going to happen.
There are plenty available, free and paid.
And yes, there are exploits still, there will always be exploits and hacks, the AC will update to fix the exploits and more exploits will be created.
Lua doesn’t have enough power to beat hacks that aren’t in Lua,
No dev will waste their time making the best AC possible.

Get over it.

Stop being a pleb and buy CAC. Best on the market so far. Stops most C++ hacks and halts all Lua injection.


Thank you Paid Spokesperson

You can’t stop C++ hacks using Lua based anticheat. Unless it’s those shitty copypasted together “hacks” that have 99% predictable behaviour.

If you’re paying for that garbage, then you need to throw your computer away, and go outside and do something that will actually matter in the world instead of being a useless shit sitting in a room.

This is literally the dumbest shitpost I’ve seen this week

u do realize the reason cac still exists because people are too lazy to decrypt his fucking lua clusterfuck, right

nothing can stop another users ability to mod a mod multiple times.

Dear Shytzedaka There Are Always Going To Be Cheaters.

Cheaters gonna cheat.