Facepunch Manchester pls help)

When switch on this serever?? told me pls guys )

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guys pls) told me)) 4 has an hour did not work it’s rly bad :C what is problem ??


See above topic with solution (for most)

seems like its something different, yesterday and today it has gone down but all other servers seem fine

It’s getting to the point where the server will die. People will leave because of this, then more people will leave because of low players and then the server dies. I think there should be some sort of warning to say when the server will go down. As a long time player since legacy I think this is a silly issue and needs to be resolved.

Any update would be appreciated…

yep just gone down again, no warning. what is happening punch? this is 3 days in a row its happened.

Yeh it’s gone down again completely, not listed on server list

Down again, honestly becoming a joke. Please can we have some info?