Facepunch Mapper's/Modder's Google Hangout v1

Gonna update this thread on every time there’s a hangout in progress.
Of course it’s not strictly just for mapping so modellers and other modders are welcome alike.
Current one:

Bad op - forgot rules

Rules :

1: No nudity
2: No virus sharing

Porn’s allowed though.
All of it.

We gotta make more crates guys

i’m in

Does this mean I also get to upload all my favorite viruses?

Starting one now:

oh god im late

are you going to start one today?


Aaw I missed it.

that time again

The last one i participated was pretty fun. I will try to bright some more friends to it.

It is a good day to do what has to be done and map.

was fun

Will be back from work in about 3 hours.

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Idk if you are starting a new one so if you do i should be able to join

When will be a new one??

I can make one in like 20 minutes

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I guess if any of us know how to make one we can start a new one anytime?