Facepunch Mapping Chit-Chat Thread

A thread for mapping related chit-chat that either doesn’t belong in the pimpage thread, the question thread, or warrant a thread of its own. Lets see how this thread does, share any of your mapping related thoughts or rants. If it ends up a failure so be it, but maybe a thread like this can get some conversation rolling in an otherwise less active part of the forums

Don’t talk about carving
Non source stuff goes in different thread
Technical mapping questions go into the “Mapping Question thread”

Wow, this subforum is still going! Hi all.

I think we had a thread like this years ago, Yap & Blabber. Iirc it ended in drama and a mod said that if anyone tried to remake it they’d be permabanned? I won’t remind them if you don’t. :v:
This subforum has quieted down a lot since then though, conversations happen in the WIP thread despite the OP rules. It’s pretty relaxed now but idk.

Thank you for the practically useless information showing you have been here a long time.

Its irritating to have that one section of the map your working on be so difficult to look right. In my case the section of the map that I can’t get to look right is a relatively simple staircase area. I tried dozens of designs for the area and I’m not content with any of them. I can’t just scrap the whole area and change it to something else because its an important intersection on my map that can’t really be changed in size and shape. It feels like such a waste of time redoing a tiny part of your map over and over again, but I can’t just get rid of it without crippling the flow of my entire map.

Any screenshots?

Can’t post right now, but I’ll share some of the “designs” later today. Its the stairwell for my yacht map, I’ve debated scrapping the whole map a number of times because of it.

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to make a block a precise size, then you realize you had left it in “arch” mode and you end up making having to redo the alignment?

I wanted to make a simple testing map for some bots in Garry’s mod, real simple just a basic box with dev texures and some platforms. Hammer crashed 6 times before I even could finish the box…

Those were the best days.

The Yap and Blabber thread if anyone is interested.

I managed to create a huge map (almost hitting the brush & ent limit) with using custom assets the editor didn’t crashed even once, but when I mapped a really tiny city map with the default assets it started crashing like crazy.

Could a map work as a roleplay map even if half of it was build?

If anyone would like to, my workshop item is gm_simplytrain, a map I created a few weeks ago and I’m still updating.

Problem is, it’s not very popular (despite having 2000 subscribers, I rarely see anyone use the map. That’s not my concern mostly) so I don’t know if it could be used for roleplay. It’s basically a giant train map however I have been adding lots of build rooms. It features stations, aforementioned build rooms, empty shops (for customisation), a hotel, and soon to be an apartments building, and an empty office building (once again for customisation). Could the map work as a roleplay? Do you think I should focus on a more roleplay-based map rather than having it be 50/50 build and rp? I like to incorporate both. What do you think?


I worked on it some more today, this time though I copied the room a number of times and kept making changes to them until I got something that looked more interesting. A skylight and glass floors definitely helped make it look a little less dull. The lighting still needs to be much improved, hopefully I’m on the start of something good.

I think it works well, very well actually. What does the skylight look like? There is only so much you can do with a staircase at the end of the day.

Oh hey there are a lot of you guys from the old days. Is there still a lot of you guys still mapping?

No, no time these days :frowning:

yep. Actually majoring in Game art to become and environemnt artist