Facepunch Mapping Contest - LEL Voting



This thread is made specifically for voting on the maps made in the Loveable Entertainment Locations.
Please play the maps first before you vote!




1th place: Any Steam game worth 20 € (given by G-foxisus)
2nd place: 10 (*given by SSBMX*) 3rd place: 5 (given by SSBMX

The voting will stop at 18:00 on Sunday, 20 November. The winners shall be elected shortly after, and will receive their prizes at the person
responsible for giving the prizes (I’ll hand out the 1th prize, I expect SSBMX to give his prize to the 2nd and 3rd places).


Damn, only got 16.71 in my paypal

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As a huge fringe fanboy, I have no choice but to vote for the Fringe Map, could have used a bit of expansion, but it did a great job of capturing the atmosphere.

What about my windwaker map?

I browsed the entire thread; no download link, no PM.

IronPhoneix because unreal.

What do I pm, pictures?


My vote goes to LATTEH. The map is absolutely gorgeous.

Latteh gets my vote. First image…just wow.

Can’t decided between Fringe or Tranquility lane, they’re both incredible.

I gotta give it to Tranquility, it just looks great.

I’m definitely going with Latteh. I’m also happy that I managed to enter in a map that I’m proud of.

Tranquility Lane, for sure.

I have to say Yanzl. I just love Tranquility Lane, and it was re-created perfectly.


Yanzl has my vote. Tranquility Lane was one of the most memorable parts of any Fallout game I’ve played. LATTEH’s map looks AMAZING, but I have to stick to TL because of the great re-creation.

I wish people would compliment for my map. :smith:

I vote for kaine123’s map because he is a badass

Yanzl, terrific work.

Are you suggesting that i’m not?