Facepunch Mapping Contest - Loveable Entertainment Locations -



What is LEL?
*Loveable Entertainment Locations *(LEL) describes your favorite location in a movie, videogame or book that you are going to replicate in Hammer!

What could I base my map on?
Examples could be from a videogame, such as Empire Bay (Mafia) or Rapture (Bioshock). Perhaps you’re more of a movies person, then examples would be the Temple of Doom (Indiana Jones) or Two Peaks (Back to the Future).
Or you’re more of a book person, then you could decide on the Moscow Metro (Metro 2033) or Mordor (Lord of the Rings). As long as they’re recognizable, it’s allowed. Be sure to pick a cult movie with a famous location, although this
isn’t against the rules. Comic books count as books (atleast in this competition).

**Half-life 2 was my favorite videogame! Can I base my map off that?
**No. We cannot check if you simply decompiled the map. No Source based maps or games.

Can I import models from the videogame location I’m making?
You may also use textures and sound effects. You may even download textures, models or sound effects from say, FPSBanana. It would be neat if you also tell this.

**Can I make up a location?
No. **You must name the type of media, title, and preferably a reference picture (this is hard for books, therefor this rule is excusable).

**Can I judge for this contest?
**If you’ve got some mapping experience, then sure! Apply in the thread.
What is the prize for this competition?
**Currently, there is no prize whatsoever other than community fame. This might change if there are polite people who are willing to gift something for the winner(s).

I have finished my map! What do I do?
Post the .bsp, a video and a few screenshots. Make a post in this thread. Try not to create a new thread for this competition alone (unless you wish to release it publicly). You can also send it via PM to me or the judges (UNDER DISCUSSION).

Could you give a few more examples?

Movie locations:

• Cruise ship from Titanic
• Chocolate factory from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
• Mos Espa from Star Wars (that desert village on Tatooine with the jazzy club)
• Supermarket from The Fog
• Hellboy’s crib from Hellboy
• Bat cave from Batman

Game locations:

• Citadel Station (System Shock)
• Omega (Mass Effect 2)
• Channelwood Age (Myst)
• Hyrule (Zelda)
• USG Ishimura (Dead Space)
• Carrington Institute (Perfect Dark)
• Morrowind (Morrowind)

Book locations:

• Gotham City (Batman)
• Narnia
• Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
• Hogwarts (Harry Potter)





Zero Hour

Aspen and hiyougami
TCB and Zukas

Post in this thread and I’ll update this list.

You may always enter, even at the last day!
If you don’t get your project done before the deadline,
or do not send/hotlink your project, you will be disqualified!



The judges (4 maximum) will give score-points according to this scheme:

We’re still looking for experienced mappers who are willing to judge!



1th place: Any Steam game worth 20 € (given by G-foxisus)
2th place: 10 (*given by SSBMX*) 3th place: 5 (given by SSBMX

Prize will be split if you work in a team.

Prize donations are always welcome!




[h2]Good luck everyone![/h2]


Fuck yes new thread!

Does anyone want to enter with a Mass Effect ship with me?

I’m sorry: it has to be a location that is (sort of) exact. If you choose to make, say, the Normandy, it’s fine. But what you’re implying is that it has the same style, but doesn’t belong in that said universe. It should be based on something that’s already there, not just the style alone.

You could however make the Normandy, and give it another style, like an gooey alien atmosphere, or a clean one. This is a “reference theme”, not an imaginative and free or theme. It also has to be recognizable in terms of geometry and style.

What about a Athabasca Class freight? It’s the kind the civilians use to transport goods? I got some really good ideas for them…

Here’s a picture of one


Some one should make Winterfell or some other place from A Song of Fire and Ice series

If you make it like that and it’s in the game, sure.

Please enter me into the contest!

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I’ll be making Shady Sands from the first Fallout game.

entering me and hiyougami into the contest, making the shard server room from mirror’s edge.
in case youre unfamiliar with the server room:


Good luck!

Me and Awettowel might be entering, I haven’t had the chance to ask him though.

If you are reading this message me on Steam. I have something to show you.

Damn you, made me want to play ME again.

beautiful game.

Entering with Afterlife Bar on Omega from Mass Effect 2.

I know there’s the rule that you can’t enter anything made before the competition, but…
I started working on this remake of Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine a few months ago and haven’t worked on it since this screenshot.


http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/9625/ref1o.th.png http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/4413/biancohills.th.png

Is there any way I can enter? It still has a long way to go until it’s finished.

yeah, i’m in.


can i do something from fringe the TV show?

idk if ill enter this contest or not.

So, there doesnt have to be any gameplay? Its purely visual? And are we able to pack it as a mod with improved graphics?

Also, what about goldsrc games? like Paranoia?

In my opinion BSP based games should be allowed as long as people document their steps all the way. That way we could make sure people aren’t just stealing maps and stuff, and more choices would be opened for recreation.

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it would also allow me to do a quake recreation and that would be totally rad

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which reminds me- are we going for accuracy or artistic qualities? because I don’t want to make something from the quake era if it means I have to intentionally make the map look bad

I’m in, not sure what i’ll me making yet as my original space hulk idea is kinda vague.

I found this for any fallout fans out there http://games.thehawkonline.com/fallout/fallout/fallout.html

Oh, there is a text bug in the op (just keeping in practice),

Should read: