Facepunch Milan

This server is lagging with up to 10 min delay. I don’t know if anyone is even looking at it at all.

I noticed that the external walls are taking a substantial constant damage. Maybe that’s the cause of the lag or at least a start to look at.

Thank you!

I’m getting the feeling that they are not intetested in Milan. Its always the last server who gets an update and they never care about the performance of the server. It’s absolutely unplayable since the last patch yesterday evening, with a ping of 1-10 MINUTES .

Let’s see if we can play today…

Its the same in the london servers, i swear if it wipes again…

8 min delay…
Are you seriously ?
Please rename whole tree of servers from official to garbage. Official supposed to show face and responsibility of company but now i see only suffering and infinite pain. Almost whole tree of official servers is totally unplayable, they fall every few days and i have feeling that no one work to repair them.

pathethic official servers management

Official servers is under DDoS attack that may cause the lagging and slow packet transfer between a server and client.

Bullshit. I though so also but i can ping the server just fine. It’s the server itself that has a problem but nothing is being said so far. They aren’t even restarting once the server. It feels like they aren’t even aware wtf is going on.

Pretty sure the 2 developers Facepunch have take the Friday night off and all of Saturday. So i would not be getting your hopes up for a fix any time soon.

well, if you think they can leave their game in the state is actualy is… people are not good in waiting and will search for another game.