FacePunch Military

I’ve been working on this project on and off for the last few months.




Pretty much what I’m trying to go for is a new upgraded military for FP since the FP vs. phw pack that was released a few years ago. If you got any ideas for other military type props, let me know I’m still looking for ideas. I’ll update this thread when I get more things done.

Acutally, the soldiers and the humvee lookin’ thing i really want.
I could use that for a comic.
The humvee could use a better skin though, the stripes make me think of Zebra gum
Otherwise EPIC!

Okay I’ll stop with the faces.

I don’t think thats a Humvee.
By the way, isen’t it possable to put that vehicle with the District 9 pack?
That would look soooooo right.
(Without the FP war paint…obviusly…)

But yes, good job, i don’t really like the metro cop, the soldiers aren’t half bad and the vehicle…well, what he said…

Kinda curious as to why he keeps getting so many ‘dumbs’.

Probably because there have been countless ‘Facepunch army/police/evil dominatrix command’ reskins, which are seldom any more than a 2-minute recolour and a copy-pasted FP logo.

If you absolutely must make a Facepunch-themed army, at least put some effort in…

That’s pretty cool.

You should make a custom gamemode where you have to go FP’ers houses and kick the crap out of them for posting ban-me threads.

I remember that FP vs. PHW pack. Hell, do you still have it? Post some more pictures for memories.

I don’t think the FP vs. PHW pack exists anymore.

The OP took a picture of that metrocop. Which was in the pack. I think.

The humvee is awesome but the rest is mediocre at best.

this gives me a good idea for a machinima similar to District 9. when can u get these models done?

Take district 9, replace the aliens with mingebags and the MNU with FP soldiers?

exactly the idea.

Just wanted to reitterate the feel of this entire thread:

How about you add a combine elite and I’ll be happy.

“Special Forces”

Maybe something new with out a facepunch mark leeching out of its vest.

How about something better. >:(
I like it. but I would like more of a plain color.

There is one in the pack, I just re-made it. I did a darker shade of red.

I think it’s still on FPSBanana.

That was mean. You should be more respectful.