Facepunch - Missing feature implementation [Help]

Today i was on my Rust server and not long after it dced me and i get the error which alot of people seem to be getting?
can someone help?

Ive tried Re-downloading

if anyone has any ideas please help…
Just want to get back on my server without dcing every 10mins…

hi,same error, unplayable
i’m here to report you a problem
is 2 days about, when i play rust, after 15 minues of game, i i’m kicked from the server, with the message : Facepunch connector missing feature implementation.
i don’t know why, but that is so annoying because i can’t play that.
thanks you for help, i hope i come back to play that beacuse i love that, i have 589hours of game, thank you
good work

If anyone has a idea how to fix or what could be causing this error please post the only thing i use for my server is Rusty Admin Panel…
Its honestly hard to admin a server when you dc every 10mins…