facepunch moscow 2 is down

facepunch moscow 2 is down for about 4 hours, is there any way to contact to administrator of this srv?

the server is down already for 10 hours :frowning:

This is unofficial server, forget

this was an official server

i have seen moscow 1 confirmed as official by FP staff, but is moscow 2? and if so, source?

Moscow 1 & 2 was in official servers in client
And they are both shutted down now

problem is some non-official servers were able to be listed in the official section in the client. not sure that confirms it alone.

in regards to them being down, no idea.

I think that administrators are on holidays and tomorrow servers will work
But all the weekend they didn’t work :’(

the official servers moscow 1&2 aren’t up :frowning:
it’s already about 3 days

again down >_<

where is server? yesterday after patch there was 200+ online now server is down last ±12 hour/ wtf?