Facepunch Moscow 2 server is down

Well hello there.
Moscow 2 server is down for about 2 days without any explanation.But this is considered normal for are long time.So this info doesn’t bother me.
If you may i’d like to know how long will it last?I mean all this server lags,freezes,shutdowns,unofficial wipes.All this sort of things not even funny.
As for me there is 2 available options at the moment.First,it is to switch server host or fix somehow his stability cause in currently time he is pretty unplayeble(by this i see main problem with shutting down every ~30min on 7-10min period of time)
Second possible option it to shut down Moscow 2 server once and for all and stop torturing people.
Thank you for attention but i don’t rly think that someone cares too much about this server(: cause you need only look at current server status to understand everything(: Also it would be nice do not get banned for the common view of things(: Cheers