FacePunch Moscow 2 [Server Problems]

I wonder, who is in charge of FacePunch Moscow server? As far as I know the server itself is in Russia and there are certain people responsible for it? If so, then it’s a shame they can’t keep up with all the work, all of their responsibilities. I wonder if you ought to think about appointing someone more responsible to watch over the server.

Absolutely agree :frowning:


Удалено, не в ту тему :disappoint:

ты хоть одупляешь что вообще тут написано ?

agree, server has serious issues, such as regular downtimes, late patches etc.

And so, guys, can anyone answermy questions?

Elixwhitetail is a useless moderator. I added you to ignore list

not only has elix not posted here, but he isn’t a moderator.

ok. Orange nick name - it’s not a moderator. Is there Anybody on this forum who can really tell me what’ wrong with the Facepunch Moscow 2 server? It turns off six times an hour.

green for forum moderators, blue for devs/fp staff. gold/orange are old school gold accounts(no longer available as far as i know) with a few benefits, but no, not moderators.

Please! Server is offline for 20 hours!