Facepunch Moscow II is down

Hello. Looks like the only good russian server still down =(
Any information about it?
(sry for my potato English)

same question…but i think it was another fake server as it was with facepunch - moscow, but if it true and this server is fake - why facepunch admins allowed this server to be 1 week like official server…n/c and now after patch 400+ different players cant play and we wasted 6 days on this fake server

Turns out Facepunch - Moscow is a real server after all, according to Holmzy (FP staff); I don’t know about this server, however.

it is a fake server

facepunch moscow 1 was like official server 3-4 days then after patch - comm.server…then he was down like 2 days now there 0/100…facepunch moscow2 was up 5-6 days like official server…now we cant play coz server didnt update after patch and we cant join

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wow server up now…thx but u didnt update server in time…and last night 3-4 guys was online allnight with old client and looks they raid all houses with flyhack. all players whine in chat coz got raided…

Btw, some one totaly blocked big rad town. Is dat legal on official servers?