Facepunch New York Server 2 DDOS attacks

Some guy has been DDOSing the New York Procedural Map Server 2 into oblivion for several days now. A lot of people have put in a lot of time into making the server something fun and enjoyable, but it is unplayable now because one guy keeps DDOSing the server. Nothing is ever done, he mocks the server the entire time from a no-name account, and nothing is ever done. I enjoy the game of rust, but if you don’t improve your security or more actively monitor the state of your servers, then I can’t play your game. At this rate, the game is just a waste of time because it’s completely impossible to do anything. Honestly, one kid bringing your server to a halt. Would you pleeeease do aaanything. It’s like you don’t care at all about your own servers. We paid to play your game, and it’s now unplayable. If this is something that continues to be a problem after the alpha, then I’m never playing your game and I’m going to harass steam for a refund until I damn well receive it. Get your shit together.

Another New York 2 player here. Please do something about this the server has been unplayable for days because of one ddosing hacker.

He has been on for multiple days and hundreds of reports against him, and nothing has happened yet, please get rid of him