facepunch nottingham down

Hi, looked on the internet and just wondered why facepunch nottingham is down, and if or when it will be coming back up.


I am wondering the same… got som hours into that server now, and want to know if it is coming back up…

There are 15 servers down. Sao Paulo’s servers are constantily facing this issue since the last wipe (3 mar). Do not wait for some answer by facepunch…

Yes go play a different server.

stop saying the same sh % $ t over and over , nobody wants to play on a different server . What’s the problem to demanding some fixes on these servers’ issues ?

If you can’t handle playing on a test server then
Go. Play. On. A. Different. Server.

not my fault you’re retarded

Other UK Servers are down too, Manchester has been for nearly 18 hrs

Bit harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyone know why it and others are down, or when/if they’re back up?

I don’t know, This is not the first time or the last time the servers are going to go down.
and sometimes they go down permanently.
And on top of that facepunch does not host the servers. Your bitching (Pedreio) to the wrong people.
Again they are for testing a game in development in Alpha.

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So maybe a dos attack, or stability problems of software or Hardware. Take your pick but chill the fuck out its just a game