Facepunch NY Hapis 2 lagging SO BAD

I’ve just started playing Rust and am thoroughly enjoying it. Facepunch NY Hapis 2 has been lagging insanely bad for the past 2+ days. Right now I’m in game and haven’t been able to move for 1hr. I’m standing out in the open in full view stuck in spot, by a rad town/air field, and I can’t move.

This is a very frustrating problem for everybody in the server. Especially since there’s a small handful of people who don’t lag at all and run around killing everybody they can find without a fight.

I understand it’s Alpha and there will be problems. But can you please release a news report letting everybody know what is going on and if you’re trying to fix it? We’re all in the (laggy) dark here.

Thank you.


Bump. We need a fix. Please give us an update on whether you’re even working on a resolution.