Facepunch Office Mapping Collab

This is the first time I ever actually created a collaborative map, so if I’m not doing something right feel free to let me know how I can improve.

The Templete:

The Goal:
To create a collection of offices made by Facepunch’s mappers, and put them into a larger office that will be the final map.

The Office:
There will be large office building that will house the maps made by Facepunch users, and I will make the larger building. As of now here are the ideas (subject to change).

-Palm trees outside of the office
-The building will be a combination of glass and concrete
-The outside won’t be accessible the player will spawn within the office building and can’t go outside.

-Any custom content can be used
-Please don’t map for games on an engine newer than Episode 2’s
-Custom sounds and music are allowed
-I have the right to change anything that looks off (I won’t change your whole office of course)
-Group everything together before sending it my way/uploading it

You can submit this any time, there is no deadline set yet.

Just remember to have fun and be creative and do what you want, just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you can’t make a livingroom.

Inspiration goes to the creators of http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1239098 (Shopping mall collab) I really appreciate you guys supporting my submissions and giving me the courage to do this.

Sounds cool. I’ll start working on something.

I feel special being an inspiration. Sign me up!

I’m in, I have a pretty nice idea which will reflect on me quite well.

let’s hope this one will make it through :v:

count me in
i hope we could finish this faster

also: can we add windows on the walls?

does it absolutely have to fit the office theme or can we do something different like a jungle office or something :v:

if not, please sign me up. :smiley:

I thought you would make apartment colab, oh well.
Remember doing something like aperture office and apartment long time ago.


You can count me in.

Like how the office i was a tester in turned into. They festooned us with half dead plants and turned it into a kind of vietnam.

You can do whatever you want. As long as you’re happy with it.

well i came to this, that ceiling is too thin, i can’t fit the office fluorescent lamp

Put me down for particpation. My graphics card melted, but I can still map.


I think the template’s fine. It’s easier for me to work with walls at 128 units tall.

Template is fine OP, not much need to change it.

Quick question, the entrance to the office, is it just that single door space we’re allowed as an entrance into the office or can we make use of the whole external wall, i.e for windows plus a door?

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Although to be fair the walls could be thicker, which is what you may have implied by making them larger?


Nothing but the highest standards in my office.

crt monitor


Quick questions to be answered.

-Yes you may add windows to your office
-You may make the entrance any size, the size given is preferable.

Okay brilliant just another quickie, the “office” doesn’t actually HAVE to be enter-able?

I’ll look at the template tomorrow.
For some reason I think the Portal 2 underground office content would be fitting.