Facepunch official mapping competition discussion thread

Every competition needs a good start so here is a thread where you can discuss future ideas for competitions whether is a simple competition where you aren’t allowed to use props, or if its something complex such as using an odd amount of entities to make a mini game.

So to start off. I think that I want a collaborated competition, where you work with 2+ mappers to make a map.

This thread is not for discussing on going competitions, such as the single player competition, please discuss them in their respectful thread.

I think that twist’s as opposed to theme’s are a bad idea.

I quite like how the water one was done that it must use water as a main part.

I don’t think you guys quite get what I made the thread over.

I made it so we can discuss ideas for future competitions before we get 10 competitions in a week because everyone wants to make one. This way they can get at who is going to be in the competition, how many people would want it done, ect…

Maybe a limit to the amount of people in a team? and this doesn’t seem so much a Mapping Contest, but a bridge between Mapping, modelling and whatever else the various team members can do.

I do support the idea of working with others though.

A really strong and solid theme would be needed though.

I know a lot of people are bored of them but how about a competiton to see who can make the best rat map?

DEV Texture Competition, whoever can make the prettiest map using nothing but DEV textures wins a cookie.

Collaborated effort sounds good, but it needs proper rules on what is collaborated on. I mean, two entirely different maps could be built, connected by a small hallway. And then there is the problem of proving two people made it, instead of one and his imaginary friend.

I like sphinxa’s idea, Dev textures can look very nice so a competition will surely bring out some amazing results, along with some other things like collabaration or something?

Have two people on facepunch agree to work together otherwise they’re not allowed in, I like the idea of a collaborated map effort, if someone does this competition, I call Rombishead as my partner.

Perhaps we get a list of people who want to enter (they’d have to have, say, over 150 posts and they have to have been a member for over 3 months) then make teams based on that.

Maybe with modellers if there’s enough active on FP, which I think there are.

I’d be glad to be your partner :slight_smile:

Well after seeing what you can do it’d be my honour

Yeah, I love the idea of kinda reaching out to the modellers and stuff too, get like a proper Facepunch Contest collab contest going.

But I don’t like the minimum number of posts/member time…
But you could simply say that they have to register as a confirmed team on a thread, and all members would have to confirm, using their own account to make it harder to cheat…

But really cheating isn’t the biggest factor here, A dev competition is very restricting, and frankly, boring.

Perhaps another slightly more subtle, even vague contest theme, a few to get you going:

  • Teamwork
  • Motion
  • Simplicity
  • Colour

I’ll think of some more…

I happen to absolutely love the Dev textures, I don’t know why, I prefer them to the HL2 textures though, look alot nicer with HDR as well :v:

But that’s all they are, “Dev” textures, for development, I wouldn’t want to make a map just to leave it with the Development textures applied, feels like I haven’t finished it.

Yeah, feels like you haven’t finished it, but you have, if used correctly Dev textures look excellent.

You’re missing the point, an entire competition focused solely on creating a map, and texturing it grey and orange, that defeats the point of working together with other mappers, modellers and texturers, because… Well they’re not needed.

The feelings mutual. Maybe a shape like the map has to use a triangle(s) in an intresting way or something like that?

I’m talking about using it in conjunction with that sort of competition, I’m talking about a competition based solely around the Dev textures, who ever can make the most amazing piece of work and make it look nice using Dev textures.


Oh my god yes, that’s excellent, a map based on triangles…Genius, not sarcasm, it’s actually an excellent idea.