Facepunch PLEASE READ!! (about lag issues and how to fix it)

Facepunch I have some ideas on optimizing the game

So the main issue is the server browser.

If you want to join without lag type this into console (f1) net.connect <IP> into console and you can join servers that way.

Facepunch I highly recommend you set it so it closes the server browser once ingame

Second issue

Tree. Grass and leave textures

If they was a slider to control how much you anti-alias trees and grass in the game most lag issues would be fixed.

Also try and make the game more compatible with intergrated graphics cards. Garrys mod runs fine on most computers and I believe Garry Newman is the developer of rust? so maybe use the game engine you used for GMod

I just hope facepunch now plan on optimizing the game

using the game engine from garry’s mod is source engine but then he would have to start the whole project of rust over again as its a diffrent engine you can just convert it over and source engine isn’t really the best for open world mmo games
rust isn’t really a game for intergrated graphics cards nor is garry’s mod