Facepunch please stop ignoring me.

Dear Facepunch team. Please stop ignoring me, and let me know anything about the ban happened on Official server London I at 04.05.2015
It’s been 3 days and still zero news. I have sent out about 10 emails.

What was the reason for the ban? So i won’t make the same mistake twice.
Can the ban be lifted at all? WILL the ban be lifted at all?
Weekend is coming, should i forget playing on this weekend?
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And for any of you, who will bit*h about “Go play in others servers” i love London I because of the good ping and high population. I have played in it for 3 months now. Got a lot of friend and and even more enemy’s in that server. Don’t mention the BP’s of course.

Kala, try and be patient. the more you poke this, the more likely you get a negative response.

Go play in other servers.

I’m not on the dev team, but if I received 10 emails in 3 days from someone who was banned from ONE server I wouldn’t respond to them either.

It’s one server, the game is in alpha, and you’re a bit overly attached to things.

Yeah honestly it sounds like you should.

Perhaps it’s just my low tolerance for whining, but if your annoying behaviour on this forum is reflective in any way of your behaviour in game, you were likely banned not for the bit of spam you claim, but because admins were tired of dealing with you and that spam was the last straw for them.

Well gtfo from my post then. Made a second topic and u cry like a bitch. Noone is forcing you to read my posts.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - Orkel))

And now we get to the root of the problem.

“Facepunch please stop ignoring me.”

A rust love song parody…

Now we see why you were banned. 2 threads about the same topic in 2 days and whining like a spoiled child not getting your way. If you acted like this on the server I admin, I’d ban you too.

u rnt goin to be unbannd