Facepunch Puzzle Hub


** Intro: **

Welcome all to the first Facepunch Puzzle Hub project!

The collaborative project all about about expressing your creativity through the creation of puzzles and team challenges!




Really, this is my first shot at creating a collaborative project on Facepunch, and after seeing similar projects sprout up and fail I decided to diverge and take a new approach.

Instead of assigning the participator a confined space (which puts a huge stopper on creativity) I’ve elected to mark off huge areas of the hammer grid for participators to work in.

Anyways, the rules:

**1. Cell size must be at the edges of or within the template. (see rule 14)

  1. Your teleportation area must fit within a 256x cube. (Explanation below)

  2. Your teleportation area must lead to somewhere within YOUR cell.

  3. No ‘Play Everywhere’ sounds.
    **5. Optimize your section to the best of your abilities.

  4. No strict entity limit, but use as few entities as possible.

  5. Must have a puzzle and/or teamwork based objective.

  6. Entities must be labeled (your Facepunch name)_entityname
    **9. (optional) Personal model for me to place within the camp. (Can be an NPC) (Explanation below)

  7. (optional) Sounds for your personal model to speak when the player approaches them.
    **11. (optional) A banner to place on the arch above your teleportation area. (Explanation below)

  8. When you’re finished, upload your work and post it here. (in a single .zip)

  9. There is no set deadline! Take as long as you need.

  10. Everything you build must be inside this template! http://www.mediafire.com/?i2tq6jk96xxt2b2

**There’s no set theme, so what’s inside your space is for you to decide! (as long is it adheres to the rules)

Custom models/sounds/textures/particle effects are welcome as long as they are included in your release.


**The Main Area:

**The base for this project lies in the Main Area, which is a mixture of two things:

**The Camp

**The Camp is the temporary residency for the explorers, who have been teleported there for some reason.


Another angle:


Once you have completed the first puzzle, a portal will appear on the center circle that takes you to The Hub.

**The Hub:
The Hub provides a teleportation area for each puzzle. (Portal that goes back to The Camp is positioned at the far side.)




Simple matching puzzles such as mine, in which you match each skull to the correct altar to open a door that leads back to the hub.


Co-operative gauntlet-styled NPC battle

Jump puzzle with moving obstacles

House of Horror



**There will be a maximum of 10 participators in this project. Labeled below are the teleportation areas to be reserved.


(Teleportation areas are placed on the outside of the arches)

  1. Mr Anonymous & sphinxa279
    ****2. ViralHatred
    ****3. devcon
    ****4. ineedateam1
    ****5. nomad1
    ****6. —
    ****7. —
    ****8. —
    ****9. —
    **10. —

Post in the thread if you’d like to reserve a spot.

Make sure to keep me (as well as others) posted on your progress, too.


**But most importantly…

**Have fun!

(and finish your stuff :v:)

Could I get a mod to change the title to Facepunch Puzzle Collab v.1? :v:

This has potential, OP. When is the dead line? I am going to contribute, count me in.

I reserve slot 1 :v:

Alright, added you to the list.

Also, updated the OP with another example.

Thanks. By the way; I would suggest you re-do the camp. It doesn’t look very good. The big wall is blocky and the textures are bland. Also, why do you have a spot light in that tower but fire lanterns on the floor? Surely either you should use fire, or electricity.

I’m confused. Does it not look good because of the big blocky wall, or because of the camp itself?

Also the reason there’s a spotlight is because I had originally planned for an npc fight in the camp, and there’s still a guy left over scanning with the turret.

Things like this will be removed and/or fixed by the time the final version rolls out. (if it does)

Both.“stone/stonewall050a” seems to be your favourite texture. You have used it in 7 different places. You also shouldn’t mix fire generated light and electrical generated light. Doesn’t make sense, if you get me? Use either lanterns, or flood lights. Your camp also seems to be extremely clustered, try spacing it out. And add detail to that wall. It’s just 4 brushes. The idea of a wall is to protect whatever is inside. If I shot a cannon at that wall, it would just explode and fail. Add supports and beams and a ladder / stairs to get up.

I see.

I suppose I’ll post the better versions of the main area as they’re developed.

PLEASE don’t let this fall off the map like the Bunker Collaboration thread. Too many Collab threads have fallen through. Good luck.

I’ll keep reporting back for as long as I get entries and responses. :wink:

World of Warcraft skybox ?
edit : and tents actually

Update on the wall geometry:


Also yeah, I forgot to mention that I nabbed a few things from WoW. :v:

Put me down, I’ll take a crack at this. Sounds fun.

Will do.

Update on the camp:

Gave order to things in addition to adding tables to place custom props on.


How the entire starting area looks as of now:


Wall and camp look soo much better. Well done.

Side note: We won’t let this die, hopefully. Because I am here. I will try get some mappers to sign up.

That would be amazing!

Thanks for going out of your way to help me with things. :smile:

Me and Anonymous are doing a puzzle as a team :smile:

No problem. Also, as Sphinxa has said. We’re going to work together to make a puzzle. So, please add him besides my name.

Alright. Welcome sphinxa :v:

Me and Sphinxa are starting work on our puzzle tomorrow.

Ima reserve a spot for myself… I might make a gauntlet-styled npc battle.

No worries.