Facepunch Ratings models?

Before the switch to Gmod 13, there were some models based on the Facepunch Ratings on the workshop. It doesn’t seem like it was ever re-added.

I did make a picture with one of the models back in the day, hoping someone remembers them/has them/can reupload them to the Workshop.

I know the Garry’s Mall map has a rating store with physical representations of rating icons, but you’ll have to extract the models from the map itself.

i’ve seen comments on other forum’s, and they have the exact same ratings design for comments, are they like a default for forum layouts or?

Found 'em, they where buried deep on a forsaken drive



Apparently I made them 3 years ago, which freaks me out a little

Awesome, you mind if I upload these to the workshop, or will you be doing that yourself?

I miss bad spelling/bad reading. They were more concise then dumb/disagree.

Since One Free Man hasn’t responded I’m going to assume it’s okay if I put these on the workshop…

Don’t. Wait for his okay.

This will be Useful in so many ways.

Good thing I haven’t done it yet. Was having trouble figuring out how to upload it anyway.

I am so salty these don’t work right in SFM. They just show up invisible.

Woops, sorry to leave you hanging!

I’ll get 'em up on the workshop today, but coincidentally I just found a file from 2012 where I had started to make Smarked and all the other forum-specific ratings (They’re awful, can totally see why they didn’t get finished)

Guess those should be remade first, may as well complete the set

Here it is, workshopped and with 6 freshly baked props to boot

D’aaawww no OIFY tit…