Facepunch Reality - BodenLAN's version



Oh god the contrast


Is this supposed to be funny or something

Full of win :smiley:

That’s the intention.


I think…

yea me think so too

Keep on dreamin bodenlan.

Is he trying to say he’s better than these people or something?

I think he’s saying that he’s slightly ticked off at the amount of views these guys get and thusly, is pissing on them.

Just how I’m interpreting it.

Personally, I love seeing Chesty’s, Vman’s and Uber’s pics cause they are pretty much always the shiz. If they stopped, then I’d be sad. :frowning:

Chesty is my friend, I have nothing against Vman and Uberslug is the friggen god around here.
I just got the idea of doing this since the other people who also did this made themselfes worse than everyone else.
It’s a joke, so there’s no need to be acting like you just had your period.


I’m peeing you in the face.
And you are in the picture because you are a good screenshot editor, so you especially should understand the joke.

The reason Chesty, Vman, and Uber get so many views is because they’re good, probably the best three here.

Why the fuck do these people care they get less views on an internet forum. And posting these retarded things aren’t going to get them more views.

We do it for fun. It’s not like a single one of these has been serious after the first one :).

Well whoever did the first one is a moron

Your mom’s a moron

Thank you for confirming that you are 12 years old

Np bro.
I’m actually turning 16 in february :pervert:


do you want a dick in your mouth?

Stop all you’re doing is proving him right