"Facepunch São Paulo 1" server crashed and wiped unexpectedly 02/10/2016

The official server “Facepunch São Paulo 1” has crashed a few moments ago and came back wiped.
The procedural map is the same and the BPs are still there, however everything else is gone.
Is it gonna roll back to a previous state?

Not sure if it should be posted here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

London I did the same… kinda sucks this soon after last wipe, had just got my base up and running.

Please, fix this. Load the last save
The rust server has backup files.

This is ridiculous… One week wipe???

5 days wipe

Please, fix this, I beg you

Not a thing on official servers.

This is exactly how you should not treat your customers. Make them start from scratch, work hard to raise a house and then without warning make lose everything they have.

Same as developers. Slow game progress and bad administration
Rustafied admins are better and not earn money

I Fought my ass off to build a house inside a cave and defend it, then I went to work, arrived home and then…bang. Workless kids got all caves in the map and every good spot to build a house into.

have you played rust before?

happened in the modded server PandoraRust, they said some hackers have been ddosing them these last few days and it looks like they managed to corrupt some map files

1800 hours. I don’t have any problem if I get raided or dying during gameplay. The problem is losing everything before the expected wipe, 5 days after a new wipe, when I rushed and hard worked to put my base up.

my point is that losing everything is basically the nature of the game. an unexpected wipe sucks, but it’s not anything new.